• RX Bandits | Audiotree

    Hey!!! here is RX’s performance on Audiotree. They were all such kind, hospitable people and I really felt that Blake had great interview questions and was very engaging, even if it took me a little while to wake up and answer them! We filmed pretty earls in the morning tour time (around 1pm, haha) but overall it was a very positive, mellow experience. I definitely would recommend these dudes to any band who is passing thru Chicago and has the time. Plus it’s super close to that Costa Rican place Irazu (I think it’s on Milwaukee) where I had the first legit breakfast burrito since leaving California. Enjoy!
    xoxo Matt

  • I am pretty tech-challenged.  

    I am fine with it. 

    O.G. tracks must be unearthed.

    (nonsense in Haiku)

  • This album is the reason I started MashDownBabylon records 12 years ago.  I met Maylay and VITAL, and almost immediately began writing and recording tunes, eventually at a pace of 2 a week.  Before long we had this, the maiden voyage of a fledgling DIY record label, and my first official foray into the world of Hip-Hop.  The 3 of us recorded the whole thing in my mother’s garage on an outdated digital 8-track (BR-8 lol) with one cheap mic and an old Korg Triton.  It still brings back great memories and despite our inexperience I still think it sounds dope! Enjoy:)


  • Here’s a track with “mi familia Venezuelana”. Some of you may have heard this before but I just came across it again and thought it was dope soI wanted to share it. Produced and recorded by my good friend Marcel Fernandez in Macaraquay, Caracas, Venezuela. I recorded the basic acoustic version at probably 4 in the freakin’ morning sometime in Oct, 2009. Then Marcel surprised me with this regalo last week. The other players on this track are Daniel Vargas-Drums, and Baden Goyo-Piano. check out their venezuelan crew, waipea records. much love enjoy!

  • <p>#launching (at Lake Shasta, norcal)</p>

    #launching (at Lake Shasta, norcal)